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Blanket Honesty

Blanket honesty in Darkness
and remind me how we rolled
and rolled and rhymed each
other's sigh and whisper
and oohs and love.

Such is like your fingertips
walking though my nape plateau

Must the shadows outside this
cloth as we see it at play
scare the bejesus
from being exclaimed
in praise for love?

I grew fond of this teepee
netting our bareness underneath
its fold; it was how we kept
them outsiders from seeing our
gods and rituals and how we remember
and remember and trance out to rememberance
and wake in them in smiles as to figures
and movements in every contour is seen
plastered in a tunnel wall;

Blanket honesty in Darkness
and let us walk through it hand in hand
and find light at the end
embrace me like you do and
let us then afterwards,

and sin and again.

posted by Jdavies @ 9/18/2002,


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