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Funny Japanese Moment

On my way to work I would usually take a bus and just watch the world go pass by me through the window. There in that little moment of fleeting scenes, I will capture snipets of people's lives well lived and well, at times lived not. People with their neckties evenly adjusted or perhaps a bit loose, or sidewalk peddlers and vendors with their products on tow. Same happy people; same miserable bunch. Makes me reflect about life's inequities, that is, this daily ritual.

Today I was not anything near philosophical though. A Japanese guy and a Filipina in her late 20's would be in the bus seat next to mine flirting with each other like it's the end of the world. Like, may God have mercy on their souls, even if the world stopped or EDSA suddenly breaks loose with no traffic, they won't care or would at least even find out, I believe. So absorbed are they with themselves that even if both are speaking half-halted and broken English and barely understood each other, their eyes looked straight on each and seems filled with awe, admiration and well, is that love I see?

Anyways, everyone else on the bus recognize their voices and their laughter. Looks like a first date. After sometime they got tired of laughing and have nothing else to say, so to break the ice and possibly go back to heating it all up, the girl asked, "SO what is your Zodiac sign?" (darn. of all silly questions, she had to pick this line.)

Well it worked so, "What, you, say?" the guy asked haltingly, obvoiusly struggling for words to even explain his confusion. With lashes flashing, (my exaggeration) the girl asked, "SO what is your Zodiac sign? like, like, mine is Sagittarius, you..?"

Guy says: No I don't know music. (duh) But here's the clincher, guy invites: We'll go to Hard Rock Cafe. (WOW) And the innocent reply was "Ok, well have some coffee or something." Looks like they are very compatible. Indeed love can be found in strange places. (or maybe it's not love?)

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