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Saturdays are meant to be fun. I remember my childhood Saturdays in front of a TV we call the Fun Machine. Incidentally a Saturday parade of shows in one network is aptly billed as Saturday Fun Machine. It was a ritual.

Breakfast and snacks in front of the Tube and that's it - it don't matter whether I got homeworks piling up as long as I have my Saturday dose of cartoons. My friends will come on over to watch ... although I remember one whole week when our TV exploded I needed to befriend an enemy I absolutely abhor just to watch in their TV. Centurions, Bravestar, SilverHawk, Voltes V, Voltron, ThunderSub, ThunderCats, Care Bears (yes, care bears, coz my crush loves it I needed to be "in the know" ), and Scooby-Doo and all of them Hannah-Barbera oldies; Woody-woodpecker, Mighty Mouse, that penguin that loves the fish whatever his name is, Yogi and Huckleberry hound...them all.

Afternoons will be nothing but playing out in the field. Soldiers in the thickets maybe? or Treasure hunters in our back yard... I even remember catching a slimy frog one good Saturday. Play geologist or sculptor, teacher, doctor or daddy? Yes, even daddy.. It was all fun.

But that was 10 Saturday years ago when them days are meant to be fun.

posted by Jdavies @ 9/14/2002,


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