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Obama's Impact on Marketing


Some thoughts on the Obama strategy - from a campaign to a presidency and how it contributes to marketing and brand management:

On marketing basics ---

As a case study ---

  • Excellent example of effective online, viral strategies and PR Management
  • Power play. He now controls a huge database of voters - key power item for years to comeand grassroots reach that can be used to pressure Congress and influence public opinion
  • 13 Million 'influencers' or started seed for a viral campaign
  • Positioning yourself for success - setting expectations properly,
    pwned the Clintons without alienating them
  • Effective fund-raising --- who says marketing is only an expense center???

On Management ---

  • Exercise in leadership, seizing the moment, and timely action
    (re: clinton and mccain attacks)
  • Good case for people management and a handling power struggles (re: party politics)

Any books written yet about this? Publishers will capitalize on these for sure!

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posted by Jdavies @ 1/26/2009,


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