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Desperation and Choice


Saz (a friend of mine not sassy) , has a post about desperation and choice - one written by a certain Blair and sent by J. Carmona. I think it's a worthwhile reading. Most problems today are obvious, others made by others, and still others are in the mind alone. If you have time - it's a good read.


I appreciate people when they post these things - some of which we regard as spam in our mail. But if you're down and you want some inbox wisdom? It would be best to look up messages like this -

So choose wisely. I made my choice....so what's yours?

certain uppers - powerpoint presentations and a hundred babies smiling - even the absurdity of novenas and chain (e)-mail that will kill you if you don't pass it around - all that will be guaranteed to make you smile at least once.

With the way things are in the world today - where every man in his daily grind is desperately trying to control his fate and often times unable to make ends meet - small things like these are encouraging signs that should the world come to ashes after any nuclear war - heck there is hope for humanity. Because there are people who care about others, who love others in their little ways, and will do even the littlest of things to cheer up other people. Well, with a world like that that and one of cockroaches, I'll definitely take the former - hands down. To others it may come as trite, but hey - with so many negative news these days? That post is an absolute upper!

Kantogirl has a similar take on things and the harshness of the challenges that post-modern capitalistic living has given us. She quotes from Hugh Macleod, and discusses the daily grind. It's called the Sex and Cash Theory . It's an updated look at the Apollonius Dionysius struggle with a twist. This time around it's about desperation and choice. Will I do what I want and be an artist? Or starve in my artsy sauvignon brushes and realize I have to pay the bills. This time around, we see some hard realities up close. THISCLOSE.

You can read her whole post here: http://kantogirlblues.blogspot.com/2004/08/sex-and-cash-theory.html Hey remind me: Pay my bills and update this website later. What hard life we live, huh?

posted by Jdavies @ 8/08/2004,


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