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What's for breakfast?


I was having my usual midday coffee-cigarette-conversation combo with a good friend when the kwento went from serious to ridiculous. The caffeine rush thus got me started in spontaneous comedic of i-say-something-you-complete-the-sentence dialogue until it went into an invitation to fill in the blanks --- X person does X for breakfast. And just about every other thing we can come up with. This is what we got:

Filipino drunkard: I drink lambanog for breakfast!
Russian drunkard: I drink vodka for breakfast!
American drunkard: I bomb Iraq for breakfast!

Hehehe ;-) hey original ko yan, ha? Here's more :

Ms. Heinz Kerry: I love lots of ketchup for breakfast. (err malamang!)
Quoted by Republican jokers - The other JFK: I like John Edwards for breakfast...
Bush: Call Cheney, ask him to call Halliburton what's
for breakfast?

GMA in Sona: I'll Make sure Angelo and every other
OFWs have a good breakfast!

(Naks! I heard that before 3 years ago it
even included other meals on the table!)
Angelo's kidnappers: Ok, there
goes our breakfast... (sick!)

Angelo's co-workers: Hi Ma'am GMA,
hello OWWA people, we want breakfast, too with a nice big house for start.(awww! What tragedy!)

The Pope: I pray for the whole world for breakfast!
Osama: I kill people for breakfast.
Not to be outdone, Bush said:

America needs to be number one all the time: Let's kill Iraqi's for breakfast!

Left-winger: It's only them
Right-wingers that eat breakfast!

Right-winger: Dissent and you won't eat breakfast like those lefties over there!
Apathetic World Citizen: I eat breakfast (period).

Albert Einstein (declarative):
I compute quantum physics equations for breakfast!

Albert Einstein (lecturing):
When you eat breakfast, you take the universe with you.
(Wow, profound huh?)
Sartre (If he was alive): Boycott Mcdonalds, breakfast meals are institutions - cook your own!
Mother Theresa, Princess Diana: How can you eat breakfast with all
these? (The needy, the kids, papparazi and Queen Mum included!)

Jay Leno: Don't you look at my chin when I eat breakfast!

Me: Darn! I haven't eaten breakfast!

Mcdo, Jollibee and every other Fast Food Chains in Manila:
We'll fill ur extra small tumblers with extra ice cubes for free,
breakfast or not! (I've always hated that - the drink is cold already,

Mcdo: We serve Nuclear hot coffee for breakfast! (Ouch!)
Jolli-jeep: We serve yesterday's dinner for breakfast! (Fresh from
the kaldero!)
Colonel Sanders: We do chicken right (for breakfast)!
Eww I didn't like how that sounded!

Adolf Hitler: If you're Aryan you eat breakfast; otherwise

Charlie Chaplin:
" ... "

Pablo Picasso: 
T.S. Eliot: Such is morning love: Afternoons and
coffeespoons, visions and revisions in a single bite of mourning, everyday.

(Hey I made this up, ok? I won't be like half that Man.)

Bill Gates: I eat ASCII for breakfast. (Oh shit,
Paul, my PC crashed!)

Sigmund Freud: Breakfast, Dinner, Sex, Dream -
breakfast after, all the same !

The Matrix People: Steak again for breakfast?
Neo to Trinity: Honey, one more round of breakfast? (hehehe)
Michael Jackson: I ____ for breakfast!

Darn, I'm bored.

posted by Jdavies @ 8/05/2004,


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