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Real Men know how to say Sorry


Sassy has news from ChannelNewsAsia about a US Navy ship dumping human waste into Subic's Alava Pier. After being caught on camera and getting themselves confronted by local officials with a $10,000 fine, the Americans confiscated the diskette from the local officers and other US officials now brush off the incident as a mere 'misunderstanding'. Now this is what I have to say:

Is it because they have too big a family they can't handle it and make sure everybody obeys the head of the family? Heck, even if any family was big enough, each person should stand by to what he believes in, should he not?

Apologize! Is that too hard to do?

Even so they should have made sure they respect other people. Or it's just plain hypocrisy of "I can never go wrong" in matters of foreign policy? Ayaw mapahiya. [Don't want to embarass themselves - hey didn't they not sign a pro-environment treaty lately, somebody please remind me what that was again please?]

I would appreciate a public apology from them. C'mon what's ten thousand dollars? It's not even bigger than any senator's kid's allowance, I bet. Somebody just please cast out stupid pride and apologize. Big men in meek and humble sorries are very admirable. America represents bahaving much better than this, they should definitely apologize - or was that America long lost since ages ago?
Macho is not just about big muscle flexing - it's also about having a romantic side that feigns vulnerability. If they are sure they want to be macho, darn it then just apologize and pay the fine, is that too difficult to do? Real men know how to say sorry!

I pray Saint Thomas and Saint Augustine will visit them in their sleep and teach them about morals and all. Must be something their society needs just before November.


posted by Jdavies @ 8/04/2004,


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