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Gr8 to Blog Again


In my last post I said "I won't be blogging till the president resigns, Africa's debt is pardoned, I get this certain post I've been wanting to get for so long, America withdraws from Iraq, or I find a hardbound copy of the Foundation or Dune.

And here I am blogging again after a week. Why? Did somebody resign?

Cory renews her call for GMA to step down to spare the country a long, drawn division that comes with an impeachment trial. In other words, she's asking her to save face. Meanwhile the Bishops chose to play it safe. But got themselves scolded still by the nuncio for meddling in politics.

G8 had a lukewarm for a success in the wake of the London terrorist attacks. While the leaders had the chance to end poverty and stand triumphant in the midst the London train wrecks Not all the debt of Africa has been pardoned. And G8 remains slow in responding to activists calls to end poverty.

The G8 has done no more than confirm the proposed deal by the G8 Finance Ministers, canceling some of the debt owed by some countries. The principle of canceling 100 per cent of the debt owed to multilateral institutions is a positive step, and a tribute to the unceasing efforts of Make Poverty History campaigners and campaigners worldwide; but this debt deal is a small step compared to the giant leap that was called for. * Aid has been promised and will be double in the coming years.

Unfortunately, as with every foreign aid's definition, the recipient countries will have to spend these monies strictly as instructed by their donors. Most will be purchasing budgets locked to constituent companies approved by G8 member-countries themselves. For instance, if Germany will fund Sudan's health needs, the purchase of these pharma products needs to be through a German company. Questionable in WTO rules as a circumvention of "subsidy" and anti-protectionist laws. Further it implies neo-colonial servitude to some.

  • No, America will not withdraw just yet from Iraq. But...

There is a secret plan to withdraw US and UK troops in Iraq!

A secret paper written by Defence Secretary John Reid for Tony Blair reveals that many of the 8,500 British troops in Iraq are set to be brought home within three months, with most of the rest returning six months later. * This after news got out in the media that UK is considering a two-year exit strategy for Iraq.

While the argument that should these western forces leave, the region will not be stable enough domestically as local forces vie for power, it begs to be asked if their continued presence will diminish the insurgencies.

  • But here's my most important news:

I've also found out that my Arthur Clarke book, Childhood's End is with a former officemate Mitch. Ding! Ding! Ding! Please return the book ASAP! ; that and

  • The Hardbound DUNE and The Foundation series books I've been looking for will be available in Booksale and I have a reservation!
  • That post I've waited too long? Still pending but looking positive after all...

All them great news to blog again. Definitely.

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