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Arroyo admits it's her voice


At exactly 7pm today, the President faced the nation in a live broadcast where she admitted it was her voice in the 'gloriagate' tapes.

"Pinagsisisihan ko ito ng lubos... Humihingi ako ng tawad sa inyo," the President said in a nationwide broadcast Monday evening. *

She said the conversations with an elections official were a "lapse in judgment" but denied attempting to influence the polls.*
While she admitted it was her voice, there was no admission that it was illegal. Manolo, through an unnamed source earlier today posted: She will admit it’s her on the tape. She will say it’s improper but not illegal. He furthers with an update:

This will cause trouble. At first blush: the President only verified her conversations, but there remains no official statement on which recording is the “reliable” one. Still, on review of the President’s message, she did assert the elections were fair. So, will the public view her apology as being enough?

Under the circumstances it is the best political move available. It buys her counsel time enough for strategy formulation, and "cleans" her name by the fallacy Argumentum ad Misercordiam. In a country where melodrama on TV is king, any moves by the opposition can be labelled as "destabilizing" --- hence her call for "national unity". Sympathy can be a powerful thing. Will people buy it though?

I think the thinktanks in the Palace are good enough to know not everybody will buy it. It could be just a way to save face.

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