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Psychologize Bush


I still feel stunned when a woman tells me she's returning to live with a man
who recently broke her jaw. With her teeth clenched and mouth wired shut, she
says she's going back, "because he loves me and I love him." Pardon me if I'm
not bowled over by the magic of love.

I still feel shaken by the boy who tells me, in great detail and with
boundless enthusiasm, all about the father who abandoned him when he was
4-years-old. And I am still disturbed by the good soldier who blindly follows
his leader's orders and marches into danger -- although his leader has shown,
time and again, poor judgment, lack of planning, and disregard for the men who
serve him.

If the above text is oddly familiar - and in more ways than one would be an article that you can relate too, then there is a big chance that you are not for Bush. If you believe the above statements though, but still strongly believing Bush should win the November elections then you must be a pretty confused person - or a real conservative who thinks that the only issues in the elections would be abortion and stem cell research and the axis of evil which you may add John Kerry to.

Consider the next text from the article oof John Sommers-Flanagan of the Detroit Free Press:

As a psychologist, I should know better than to be stunned, shaken or
disturbed by these images. After all, I know why humans behave irrationally. I
even do it myself.

On Sept. 9, 2001, President George W. Bush's approval rating was 55 percent.
Only three days later, after the worst attack on U.S. soil in history, his
approval rating was 86 percent.

In psychology, the enhanced allegiance to a person associated with your abuse
is referred to as trauma-bonding. It is a powerful phenomenon. It accounts for
why a woman might return to the husband who broke her jaw. It explains why
otherwise intelligent people begin worshiping those very people whose behaviors
have threatened their safety.

Now we hear Cheney and his fear-mongering tactics? You should have laughed out loud when The Onion feautured him and satired him with their "I'll personally attack America if Kerry Wins" Front Page joke. Makes complete sense thus, that some voters choose them because they think Bush is their only chance --- it's similar to a failed marriage that people strive to make better, shutting their eyes on the truth and wishfully thinking all the troubles will go away eventually...they just need to believe love can still solve their marriage problems! (News: Iran endorses Bush) Nice.

Most battered wives end up more battered that way. I am a romantic but I believe in a more philosophical version of love; not that one which most would ascribe romantics, too.

I just had some psychology units in college and alot of workshops and books in between but I trust this guy. Best if you'll read the full article here. It's a good read.

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