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Kalabog Expert

I read this weblog about Kalabog Experts. This guy saw some interesting signs and guess what these "experts" do for a living...Nope they don't sell anything; they fix engines that knock. Reminds me of Kainan sa ilalim ng Puno near Saint Luke's Medical Center. It is in fact precisely that, resto under the tree.

People can just be so unpredictable they can think of crazy names. Or worse name their kids "First , Second, and Third". (am not kidding) I know someone named Tutit because he's got this two sharp and edgy bunny incisors. My cuz is called "tatot" for instance because the kiddo can't pronounce Mary Anne. Incidentally, I am called Uwa by my niece. That's Pinoy for Bro.

Yes, people are just hilariously crazy.

posted by Jdavies @ 8/25/2002,


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