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The B.R.A.

When one works in a call center, sleeping would be a surefire favorite hobby. That's just what I had - and 13 hours of it straight. Went in and around the mall the day before you see, and well, with a magnificent lady in hand, for sure it'll be a long day. Every guy should know how it feels to go to every shopping stall and sit in every boyfriend's chair. Shopping to them is not just a hobby, but a ritual more important than sleep...maybe even a religion in fact.

I remember once when I was a kid I asked my dad for a toy helicopter, or a 24-inch crawling brontosaurus and a G.I.JOE, whilst my mom tagged me along the lingerie section...hmmm.."Ma, what's a bra?" I asked innocently. The 5-year old didn't get an answer. She thought the pajamas are much better, so through every item we ventured, every exciting bit of colors of them. Had lunch, some kitchen wares, but no G.I. JOE. or dinosaur.

Later during the day, at just about merienda time (late afternoon snack), while my knees are about to break, my mother said, "I wan't to buy that bra."

Ahh...Women. Now after 15 years, I finally know what a bra is.

posted by Jdavies @ 8/25/2002,


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